Hi, I am an incoming first-year PhD student at Cornell Tech, with the privilege of being co-advised by Rajalakshmi Nandakumar and Thijs Roumen

Before pursuing my PhD, I earned my Master in Technology Innovation at the University of Washington. I conducted research at Ubicomp Lab and Make4All advised by Shwetak Patel and Jennifer Mankoff, respectively.

My research has been focused on wearable devices, user interface design, and healthcare. I am passionate about e-Textile, AR/VR, and sensing to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

Previously, I worked for one year as a software engineer for chip design verification at Synopsys.

News & Updates

  • Apr 2023, I will be joining Cornell Tech this fall as a PhD student.
  • Feb 2023, Lullaland has been accepted by CHI 2023 as a late breaking work.
  • Jan 2023, Smart Recorder has been accepted by IUI2023 as a full paper.
  • Nov 2022, I present my work SoundShirt at UW 2022 Annual Research Showcase poster session.
  • Nov 2022, I attended UIST 2022.
  • Nov 2022, Smart Recorder was submitted to IUI2023.
  • Sep 2022, I submitted Microbiome to CHI2023 as the first author.